Aaron Benjamin Weber

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Clinically, high-dose treatment with the glucocorticosteroid, methylprednisolone (MP), within 8 h after spinal cord injury, has been shown to improve neurological recovery. The current standard of care is to administer MP as a bolus of 30 mg/kg followed by a 23-h infusion of 5.4 mg/kg/h to spinal cord injured patients. To better understand the role of MP in(More)
Embryonic neostriatal cell suspensions were transplanted into intact or kainic acid-lesioned neostriata of adult host rats. These transplants survived and were sacrificed at 34-78 days posttransplantation. Nissl and Golgi preparations revealed neurons present within the transplants. Neurons with abundant dendritic spines (Spiny type I) were most frequent,(More)
To assess the effect of acute hypoglycemia on the brain stem auditory pathway, we implanted electrodes into the inferior colliculus (IC) and subsequently recorded auditory-evoked potentials from the IC (ICEP) and brain stem (BAEP) in normal awake rats during euglycemic and hypoglycemic hyperinsulinemia (2 hours). Latencies of the ICEP and peak V of the BAEP(More)
This thesis documents the theory and practice of making reflection edgelit holograms, the design of an autostereoscopic display that uses reflection edgelit holographic optical elements, and the evaluation of the autostereoscopic display as built. The theory of hologram formation and reconstruction with emphasis on fringe formation and the K-vector approach(More)
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