Aaron Ballew

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—The prevalence of digital cameras and video-capable mobile phones enables the common practice of audiences capturing recordings of live music performances. It is now increasingly common to find some of these personal recordings online, up-loaded to popular video hosting websites. Recognizing the desire of music fans to obtain a recording of good audio(More)
—This paper builds upon a previously defined fusion process that exploits multichannel receiver diversity to enhance received SNR. This particular diversity combiner aims to enhance SNR under the challenging constraints that channel gains are unknown, there is no direct knowledge of the transmitted signal, and no opportunity to precode the signal into a(More)
—GPS is the premier method of localization and wayfinding in outdoor environments. Indoor environments prevent GPS from functioning properly or at all. RF-based solutions have been proposed using varieties of radio triangu-lation and spectral fingerprinting. Such technically attractive methods have not seen widespread adoption in places where the demand is(More)
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