Aaron B Steiner

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FoxD3 is a forkhead-related transcriptional regulator that is essential for multiple developmental processes in the vertebrate embryo, including neural crest development and maintenance of mammalian stem cell lineages. Recent results demonstrate a requirement for FoxD3 in Xenopus mesodermal development. In the gastrula, FoxD3 functions as a transcriptional(More)
Induction and patterning of the mesodermal germ layer is a key early step of vertebrate embryogenesis. We report that FoxD3 function in the Xenopus gastrula is essential for dorsal mesodermal development and for Nodal expression in the Spemann organizer. In embryos and explants, FoxD3 induced mesodermal genes, convergent extension movements and(More)
In the vertebrate blastula and gastrula the Nodal pathway is essential for formation of the primary germ layers and the organizer. Nodal autoregulatory feedback potentiates signaling activity, but mechanisms limiting embryonic Nodal ligand transcription are poorly understood. Here we describe a transcriptional switch mechanism mediated by FoxH1, the(More)
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