Aaron B. Bernstein

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Human periodontal ligament cells have been shown to produce a new fibrous attachment at the surface of scaled dental root discs in vitro. The purpose of this investigation was to answer the question whether cells derived from human alveolar bone would enhance this attachment. Three partially erupted third molars were extracted and collected from one female(More)
A diseased and mechanically treated surface of root cementum is known, clinically, to favor periodontal regeneration. The present investigation was undertaken to test whether previously diseased and experimentally treated root surfaces can support the in-vitro formation of a new collagenous matrix. Three teeth extracted for advanced periodontitis were(More)
Recent studies have accomplished the establishment of a collagenous fiber-fringe matrix upon dental root surfaces in vitro. The present study was undertaken to follow the development of such a matrix in vitro and to test the possible effects of root surface treatments upon this matrix. Periodontal ligament cells, 0.1 to 0.2-mm thick dental root discs, and(More)
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