Aaron B. Beeler

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In the search for new biologically active molecules, diversity-oriented synthetic strategies break through the limitation of traditional library synthesis by sampling new chemical space. Many natural products can be regarded as intriguing starting points for diversity-oriented synthesis, wherein stereochemically rich core structures may be reorganized into(More)
An automated, silicon-based microreactor system has been developed for rapid, low-volume, multidimensional reaction screening. Use of the microfluidic platform to identify transformations of densely functionalized bicyclo[3.2.1]octanoid scaffolds will be described.
We have developed an automated photochemical microfluidics platform that integrates a 1 kW high-pressure Hg vapor lamp and allows for analytical pulse flow or preparative continuous flow reactions. Herein, we will discuss the use of this platform toward the discovery of new chemotypes through multidimensional reaction screening. We will highlight the(More)
Sequential cycloisomerizations of diynyl o-benzaldehyde substrates to access novel polycyclic cyclopropanes are reported. The reaction sequence involves initial Cu(I)-mediated cycloisomerization/nucleophilic addition to an isochromene followed by diastereoselective Pt(II)-catalyzed enyne cycloisomerization.
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