Aaron Adcock

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In this paper we present a methodology of classifying hepatic (liver) lesions using multidimensional persistent homology, the matching metric (also called the bottleneck distance), and a support vector machine. We present our classification results on a dataset of 132 lesions that have been outlined and annotated by radiologists. We find that topological(More)
How objects are assigned to components in a distributed system can have a significant impact on performance and resource usage. Social Hash is a framework for producing, serving, and maintaining assignments of objects to components so as to optimize the operations of large social networks, such as Facebook's Social Graph. The framework uses a two-level(More)
—The ISM band is an extremely over utilized communications medium. Wireless LAN technology, Bluetooth, and landline wireless devices all make use of the ISM band. The support vector machine is proposed as a tool for predicting channel availability and thus using the band more efficiently. Data processing, feature extraction, and results are presented.(More)
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