Aarnout Brombacher

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Intense competition in many industries impels firms to develop more products in less time. Overlapping of development activities is regarded as one of the most promising strategies to reduce project cycle time. However, the gain from overlapping must be weighed against the additional resource and time for rework. This paper presents a new product(More)
The importance of software product evaluations will grow with the awareness of the need for better software quality. The process to conduct such evaluations is crucial to get evaluation results that can be applied and meet customers' expectations. This paper reviews a well-known evaluation process: the ISO 14598 standard. The review focuses on the(More)
New trends such as increased product complexity, changing customer requirements and shortening development time, have given rise to an increase in the number of unexpected events within the Product Development Process (PDP). Traditional tools are only partially adequate (either insufficient coverage or simply too late) to cover these unexpected events. As(More)