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In this paper we will introduce an ensemble of codes called irregular repeat-accumulate (IRA) codes. IRA codes are a generalization of the repeat-accumluate codes introduced in [1], and as such have a natural linear-time encoding algorithm. We shall prove that on the binary erasure channel, IRA codes can be decoded reliably in linear time, using iterative(More)
ii c 2002 Aamod Khandekar All Rights Reserved iii Acknowledgements I would like to begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to my advisor, Prof. Robert McEliece, for his active guidance and support throughout my stay at Caltech. His infectious enthusiasm and his many insights have been invaluable for the progress of my research career. Divsalar for(More)
The preamble design for a highly flexible wireless communication system can be challenging. This paper describes a preamble design for ultra mobile broadband (UMB) communication systems that allows flexible deployment, such as flexible bandwidth allocation, synchronous/asynchronous modes, FDD/TDD, full/half duplex, and configurable cyclic prefix duration,(More)
Theoretically, MIMO offers significant capacity benefits, but realizing these gains in deployed wireless systems remains a very challenging problem. MIMO has been used in wireless LAN systems with great success. However, due to the hugely varying spatial profiles and velocity patterns of the access terminals, integrating MIMO techniques in a wireless WAN(More)