Aamir Shahzad

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As a result of integration of many techniques such as grading, clustering, utilization computing and resource's sharing, cloud computing has been appeared as multi element's composition technology, it offers several computing services such as IaaS (infrastructure as service), PaaS (platform as service) and SaaS (software as service) based on pay as you use(More)
Requirements selection for software releases can play a vital role in the success of software product. This selection of requirements is done by different requirements prioritization techniques. This paper discusses limitations of these Requirements Prioritization Techniques (100$ Method and Binary Search Tree) with respect to Geographical Distribution of(More)
The internet is gaining a lot of importance day by day, especially with the emergence of cloud technology. This new technology has made a new computing service to end users that include, PaaS, SaaS. On the other hand, this technology was accompanied with some shortages. The most serious obstacle is the security challenges because of the cloud is(More)
Information technology (IT) security has become a major concern due to the growing demand for information and massive development of client/server applications for various types of applications running on modern IT infrastructure. How has security been taken into account and which paradigms are necessary to minimize security issues while increasing(More)
Several security mechanisms have been investigated and deployed that provide protection for real time platforms. Each security mechanism is contributed to enhance the SCADA system security, but at the same time, the mechanism is limited and depended on the other protocols for the purposes of message security, and its delivery. Few researches are conducted(More)
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), these are systems based on real-time processing, control and design for real time infrastructure such as water pumping stations, oil purification plants and rail control centers etc. In the initial structure of SCADA there is no security mechanism that prevents or detects the attacks in SCADA communication(More)
Modbus protocol and IEC 60870-5-104 protocols are widely deployed in critical infrastructure sectors or SCADA systems. With the growing demands of industries, these protocols are also connected over internet using TCP/IP protocol or other transport protocols. Using internet facility, these protocols are vulnerable from several threads/attacks. The current(More)
A band clustering and selection approach based on a hyperspectral measure, spectral information divergence (SID) is presented in this paper. Hyperspectral image data is analyzed for target detection. Hyperspectral image data and spectral signatures of the targets are used to measure the SID. Virtual dimensionality (VD) is used to select optimal number of(More)