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With the transition to multicore processors almost complete, the parallel processing community is seeking efficient ways to port legacy message passing applications on shared memory and multicore processors. MPJ Express is our reference implementation of Message Passing Interface (MPI)-like bindings for the Java language. Starting with the current release,(More)
(2009) A comparative study of Java and C performance in two large-scale parallel applications. SUMMARY In the 1990s the Message Passing Interface Forum defined MPI bindings for Fortran, C, and C++. With the success of MPI these relatively conservative languages have continued to dominate in the parallel computing community. There are compelling arguments in(More)
One of the most challenging aspects to designing a Java mes-saging system for HPC is the intermediate buffering layer. The lower and higher levels of the messaging software use this buffering layer to write and read messages. The Java New I/O package adds the concept of direct buffers, which—coupled with a memory management algorithm—opens the possibility(More)