Aamer I. Bhatti

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Robust Control of Stewart Platform has been successfully demonstrated by various authors [8-12]. The work done so far is based on the assumption that the bounds on uncertainty are known and the chosen reachability gains are greater than these bounds. This assumption can only be justified if those bounds could be quantified, which is not the case in the(More)
Parameter estimation for health monitoring and sensorless scenario is achieved online via model-based robust state observer. The proposed dynamic algorithm observes a state (output voltage) of fuel cell system (FCS) in the presence of uncertainties and disturbances. Using this observation, membrane conductivity is estimated. The conductivity is function of(More)
This paper considers cross-coupling affects in a twin rotor system that leads to degraded performance during precise helicopter maneuvering. This cross-coupling can be suppressed implicitly either by declaring it as disturbance or explicitly by introducing decoupling techniques. The standard H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> controller synthesized by loop-shaping design(More)