Aamer I. Bhatti

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This paper presents a fast terminal sliding mode based control design strategy for a class of uncertain underactuated nonlinear systems. Strategically, this development encompasses those electro-mechanical underactuated systems which can be transformed into the so-called regular form. The novelty of the proposed technique lies in the hierarchical(More)
The novelty of the paper lies in an extended nonlinear model for the Stewart platform with moving payload. The models found in the existing literature are most of the time only valid for static loads with symmetric configurations, as reflected by the presumed assumption on Moments of Inertia (MOI) being static and symmetric. Such assumption precludes a wide(More)
Robust Control of Stewart Platform has been successfully demonstrated by various authors [8-12]. The work done so far is based on the assumption that the bounds on uncertainty are known and the chosen reachability gains are greater than these bounds. This assumption can only be justified if those bounds could be quantified, which is not the case in the(More)
Parameter estimation for health monitoring and sensorless scenario is achieved online via model-based robust state observer. The proposed dynamic algorithm observes a state (output voltage) of fuel cell system (FCS) in the presence of uncertainties and disturbances. Using this observation, membrane conductivity is estimated. The conductivity is function of(More)
Model based control of automotive engines for fuel economy and pollution minimization depends on accuracy of models used. A number of mathematical models of automotive engine processes are available for this purpose but critical model parameters are difficult to obtain and generalize. This paper presents a novel method of online estimation of discharge(More)