Aalok Kumar

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A large repertoire of gene-centric data has been generated in the field of zebrafish biology. Although the bulk of these data are available in the public domain, most of them are not readily accessible or available in nonstandard formats. One major challenge is to unify and integrate these widely scattered data sources. We tested the hypothesis that active(More)
•Although patterns of metastases in ovarian clear cell cancer are not well described, patients may initially present with bone metastases.•Clear cell carcinoma with bone metastases is responsive to radiation therapy.•Bone metastases are not common in patients with ovarian high grade serous cancer.
We aimed to examine the frequency of treatment delays as well as the reasons and appropriateness of such delays in early stage colon cancer patients receiving adjuvant capecitabine by comparing data from pharmacy dispensing versus medical records. Patients diagnosed with stage II or III colon cancer from 2008 to 2012 and who received at least two cycle of(More)
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