Aakash Pandita

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OBJECTIVE This study was performed to determine the occurrence of hypoxic hepatitis in full-term neonates after perinatal asphyxia and to correlate between the rise in enzymes and severity of asphyxia with Apgar score and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) grading of the neonates. METHOD AND MATERIAL This prospective case-controlled study was conducted(More)
Obesity and its associated comorbidities have emerged as a major health problem garnering interests from both public health agencies and mainstream media consumers. With increasing awareness on its impact on health, finances, and community at large, it has come to the forefront for scientific research and development of health plans. The need for better(More)
INTRODUCTION Cayler cardio-facial syndrome is a rare syndrome associated with asymmetric crying faces with congenital heart disease. We report a newborn that was diagnosed as case of Cayler Cardio-facial syndrome based on clinical features and was confirmed with FISH analysis. CASE PRESENTATION A term male baby, born to non-consanguineous couple through(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Bacteriologic profile and risk factors for ESBL sepsis in newborns admitted to a Level III NICU. METHODS This was a retrospective observational study that enrolled newborns admitted to NICU with perinatal risk factors or clinical signs of sepsis and positive blood culture from January 2013 to August 2014. Blood cultures were done by BACTEC(More)
AIM To study the pattern of various adverse drug reactions (ADRs) occurring in children attending the Department of Pediatrics, SMGS Hospital, Jammu over 1 year. SUBJECTS AND METHODS This was a prospective study, with study population of patients attending Department of Pediatrics over a period of 1 year. A structured format was used to enroll the(More)
Thrombocytopenia absent radius (TAR) syndrome is a very rare and infrequently seen congenital disorder with an approximate frequency of 0.42/100,000 live births. It is associated with bilateral absence of radii, hypo-megakaryocytic thrombocytopenia, and presence of both thumbs. The other systems which are affected by TAR syndrome include skeletal,(More)
Advances in neonatology and intensive monitoring has increased our ability to identify and measure blood pressure in sick premature and term infants and this has contributed to an increased awareness of hypertension in the NICU. A few recent studies done by Zubrow and others have offered many new information on blood pressure values over the first month(More)
Lactoferrin (LF) is a member of the transferring family with a molecular weight of 78-kDa and is present in numerous external secretions including human milk, saliva, tears, airway mucus, and the secondary granules of neutrophils [1]. It is an iron-binding glycoprotein found in abundance in premature milk with its concentration decreasing as the term age(More)
Complete penile agenesis (aphallia) is a very rare congenital anomaly. Around 80 cases have been reported to date. Diagnosis of this rare anomaly is made by clinical examination, but treatment options and parental counselling for gender assignment is difficult and challenging for the treating doctor. We report a case of an infant with complete penile(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to determine the frequency of chromosomal aberrations in children aged <19 years with newly diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), attending/admitted in the Department of Pediatrics and Radiotherapy, Government Medical College, Jammu. Furthermore, we aimed to study the correlation between the cytogenetic molecular(More)