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The uneven distribution of recombination across the length of chromosomes results in inaccurate estimates of genetic to physical distances. In wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) chromosome 3B, it has been estimated that 90% of the cross over events occur in distal sub-telomeric regions representing 40% of the chromosome. Radiation hybrid (RH) mapping which does(More)
Low frequency of green plant production and albinism limits the use of isolated microspore culture (IMC) in cereal breeding programs. The present study was conducted in triticale and bread wheat IMC to increase the production of green plants and minimize albinism. NPB-99 + 10% Ficoll induction medium was supplemented with mitochondrial or plastid(More)
Triticale is being considered as a bioindustrial crop in Canada using genetic modification. Because related spring wheat (Triticum aestivum) and durum wheat (T. durum) may exhibit synchronous flowering and grow in proximity, determination of interspecific gene flow when triticale is the pollen donor is necessary to evaluate potential risk. Pollen-mediated(More)
In the agricultural domain, the main challenge is to present the new information and research to the farmers so that they can leverage the power of ICT to improve their agricultural practices and thereby the production. Huge amount of agriculture related data like weather data, soil health records, cropping pattern, location specific crop disease and pest(More)
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