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There is a wealth of visualization techniques available for graph and network visualization. However, each of these techniques was designed for a specific task. Many graph visualization techniques and the transitions between them can be specified using a set of operations on the visualization elements such as positioning or resizing nodes, showing or hiding(More)
We recorded the usage of foot pumps during the post-operative period in 29 patients undergoing knee or hip arthroplasty and made 621 recordings. Effective utilisation of foot pumps was seen in 37.2% of cases. There was a gradual reduction in correct utilisation with each day that passed post-operatively (day 1, 60.4%; day 2, 48.8%; day 3, 28.8%; day 4,(More)
Facebook engineers query multiple databases to monitor and analyze Facebook products and services. The fastest of these databases is Scuba, which achieves subsecond query response time by storing all of its data in memory across hundreds of servers. We are continually improving the code for Scuba and would like to push new software releases at least once a(More)
SUMMARY This research proposes and tests an approach to engineering distributed le systems that are aimed at wide-scale, Internet-based use. The premise is that replication is essential to deliver performance and availability, y et the traditional conservative replica consistency algorithms do not scale to this environment. Our Ficus replicated le system(More)
The field of graph visualization has produced a wealth of visualization techniques for accomplishing a variety of analysis tasks. Therefore analysts often rely on a suite of different techniques, and visual graph analysis application builders strive to provide this breadth of techniques. To provide a holistic model for specifying network visualization(More)
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  • 1999
Meralgia paresthetica consists of pain and dysthesia in the lateral thigh caused by entrapment of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (L2-L3) underneath the inguinal ligament. Abdominal distension, tight clothing, and hip hyperextension are all described causes of this condition. To our knowledge this has never been attributed to a limb length discrepancy.(More)
More and more people are into online shopping these days. One of the aspects of shopping is giving gifts on special occasions. People make decisions every day. " Which movie should I see? " , " Which city should I visit? " , and " What should I eat? " , " What should I gift to a friend on his birthday? " ... There are too many choices and a little time to(More)
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