Aage Møller Christensen

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The morphology of Kronborgia pugettensis sp. nov., an endoparasite from the haemocoele of the caridean shrimp Heptacarpus kincaidi is described from specimens collected in the San Juan Island region of the western coast of North America. Members of this species are unisexual as are other members of the genus, but only females were found. An ootype and a(More)
Five cases of psychiatric disturbances in unaccompanied children who were refused political asylum are described. The children showed severe reactions with suicidal thoughts or psychosis, with a characteristic loss of perception of time during the long period of waiting for a decision. These children with severe reactions constituted a minority of the total(More)
The Danish Mental Health Act of 1989 improved the legal rights of psychotic patients and secured that involuntary admissions and retentions could be tried before the courts. Fixations and medication given against the patient's will could be tried before a Patient Review Board. Under the law doctors and "patient advisors" are now obliged to inform patients(More)
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