Aage Möller

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OBJECTIVE Chronic microvascular compressions of the eighth nerve induce a slowing down of signal transmission in the auditory nerve, electrophysiologically characterized by IPL I-III prolongation. METHODS The authors hypothesize this is compensated by an active slowing down of signal transmission of the contralateral input at the level of the brainstem,(More)
To eliminate the occurrence of artefacts produced by clips on the CT images, the use of titranium clips is suggested. Tests in vitro and in vivo indicate that clips manufactured from 0.2 mm thick 99.9 per cent titanium do not cause artefacts. They are resistant to corrosion, nontoxic, effective, easy to handle, relatively cheap, and are visible on plain(More)
Seven pontine angle meningiomas were examined with computed tomography (CT). The result was compared with that of a study of 61 acoustic neuromas. These two tumor types differ in manner of growth, volume, shape, attenuation, attachment to bone, cisternal deformation, frequency of calcification, peripheral edema, and bone changes.
The aim of this study was to determine the efficacy of Gd-BOPTA-enhanced MRI in liver lesion detection in comparison with unenhanced MRI and dynamic CT. The image sets of 148 of 151 patients enrolled in a multicenter German phase-III trial were evaluated by two independent radiologists unaffiliated with the investigating centers. Patients underwent a(More)
The sexual abuse of children represents a remarkable proportion of about 25% of all sexual offences. Data from 20 male pedophilic persons seen at the occasion of forensic psychiatric assessment were analysed. Personality traits as measured by the widely used standardized personality inventar FPI version A1 were dominated by signs of psychic inhibition and(More)
Forty-seven patients with 48 unoperated acoustic neuromas have been studied by computed tomography (CT) with respect to bone changes. CT and conventional X-ray examination of the skull were compared. The importance of using a small collimator, proper selection of the plane of the CT section and changing of the window level is stressed. CT detects porus(More)
Attenuation profiles across the petrous bone covering the whole internal auditory meatus (IAM) were constructed from the printouts obtained by computed tomography (CT) with narrow collimation performed on 12 patients with 13 acoustic neuromas. In healthy patients the attenuation profiles of right and left petrous bone were very similar in shape. The(More)