Aage E Hansen

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In a previous study (Chemical Physics Letters 2005, 401 , 385) we computed the optical rotatory dispersion of (S)-propylene oxide in gas phase and solution using the hierarchy of coupled cluster models CCS, CC2, CCSD, and CC3. Even for the highly correlated CC3 model combined with a flexible basis set, the theoretical gas-phase specific rotation at 355 nm(More)
We study electron decoherence by measuring the temperature dependence of Aharonov-Bohm ~AB! oscillations in quasi-one-dimensional rings, etched in a high-mobility GaAs/GaxAl12xAs heterostructure. The oscillation amplitude is influenced both by phase breaking and by thermal averaging. Thermal averaging is important when the temperature approaches the energy(More)
We present theory and experiments on the circular hydraulic jump in the stationary regime. The theory can handle the situation in which the uid ows over an edge far away from the jump. In the experiments the external height is controlled, and a series of transitions in the ow structure appears. First the steepening of the jump causes a transition akin to(More)
We present detailed experimental studies of the temperature dependence of the plateau conductance of GaAs quantum point contacts in the temperature range from 0.3 K to 10 K. Due to a strong lateral confinement produced by a shallow-etching technique we are able to observe the following unexpected feature: a linear temperature dependence of the measured(More)
We have investigated the Aharonov-Bohm effect in a one-dimensional GaAs/Ga0.7Al0.3As ring at lowmagnetic fields. The oscillatory magnetoconductance of these systems is systematically studied as a function of density. We observe phase shifts of p in the magnetoconductance oscillations, and halving of the fundamental h/e period, as the density is varied.(More)
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