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Being able to detect and recognize human activities is essential for 3D collaborative applications for efficient quality of service provisioning and device management. A broad range of research has been devoted to analyze media data to identify human activity, which requires the knowledge of data format, application-specific coding technique and(More)
In view of the necessity of activity analysis on Gbps-scale 3D Tele-Immersive (3DTI) content bundle and petabyte-scale 3DTI recordings, this work proposes and verifies the feasibility of replacing high-latency intrusive analysis with light-weighted metadata-based analysis. For real-time in-session use case, result shows that metadata-based analysis module,(More)
In this paper, we propose Nutrilyzer, a novel mobile sensing system for characterizing the nutrients and detecting adulterants in liquid food with the photoacoustic effect. By listening to the sound of the intensity modulated light or electromagnetic wave with different wavelengths, our mobile photoacoustic sensing system captures unique spectra produced by(More)
Result diversification is an important aspect in web-based search, document summarization, facility location , portfolio management and other applications. Given a set of ranked results for a set of objects (e.g. web documents, facilities, etc.) with a distance between any pair, the goal is to select a subset S satisfying the following three criteria: (a)(More)
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