Aabida Saferali

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Meiotic silencing of unsynapsed chromatin (MSUC) occurs in the germ cells of translocation carriers and may cause meiotic arrest and infertility. We hypothesized that if bypassing meiotic checkpoints MSUC may cause epigenetic defects in sperm. We investigated the meiotic behavior of the Robertsonian translocation Rb (8.12) in mice. The unsynapsed 8 and 12(More)
DNA methylation patterns are often poorly conserved through cell culturing. To determine the effect of cell immortalization and culture on DNA methylation profiles, we analyzed methylation in the differentially methylated regions (DMR) of five imprinted domains: the intergenic (IG) DMR on chromosome 14q32; potassium voltage-gated channel, KQT-like(More)
The Dio3 gene, which encodes for the type 3 deiodinase (D3), controls thyroid hormone (TH) availability. The lack of D3 in mice results in tissue overexposure to TH and a broad neuroendocrine phenotype. Dio3 is an imprinted gene, preferentially expressed from the paternally inherited allele in the mouse fetus. However, heterozygous mice with paternal(More)
DNA methylation and DNA methyltransferases are essential for spermatogenesis. Mutations in the DNA methyltransferase Dnmt1 gene exert a paternal effect on epigenetic states and phenotypes of offspring, suggesting that DNMT1 is important for the epigenetic remodeling of the genome that takes place during spermatogenesis. However, the specific role of DNMT1(More)
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