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One-hundred and forty-five farmers aged 7-45 years who were infected with Ancylostoma duodenale and/or ascaris were treated with a single dose of levamisole, pyrantel, or bephenium. The percentage cure rates were ascaris 100 per cent ahd hookworm 93 per cent for levamisole; ascaris 90 per cent and hookworm 78 per cent for pyrantel; and ascaris 73 per cent(More)
This is a prospective treatment study of 86 patients with tuberculous meningitis admitted to the Abbassia Fever Hospital Cairo, Egypt. The causative organism was cultured from the cerebro spinal fluidin 47 patients, was identified by Zeihl Nelson stain in five and in the remaining 34 patients the diagnosis was based on the clinical course and changes in the(More)
Pennwalt Inc., a multinational chemical and pharmaceutical firm based in the United States, operates a chloralkali plant in Managua, Nicaragua. This plant utilizes elemental mercury in the production of chlorine and caustic soda for markets throughout Central America. The plant was recently found to be contaminating the waters of Lake Managua (on which the(More)
Seventy-two patients with bacteriologically proven enteric fever were treated with either co-trimoxazole (41 cases) or chloramphenicol (31 cases). C0-trimoxazole was found to be superior to chloramphenicol in relieving the toxaemia. The average number of days required for patients to become afebrile was 5-5 days in the co-trimoxazole group and 4-5 days in(More)
BACKGROUND Both pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines are implicated in development and prognosis of leprosy so the genetic regulation of such cytokines could play an important role. OBJECTIVE . This study was planned for testing the association of cytokine gene polymorphisms with susceptibility and clinical types of leprosy among Egyptian cases. (More)
Individuals infected with Ancylostoma duodenale may lose up to 6 mg of iron daily and those infected with bilharzial colonic polyposis may lose an average of 3 mg daily; patients suffering with both infections may lose up to 9 mg of iron daily. 1 study has shown that some iron loss to the upper gastrointestinal tract was reabsorbed. A study was undertaken(More)