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Petrochemical and Petrogenetic characteristics of precambrian amphibolites of the Alawa district, northwest Nigeria
Abstract The Alawa amphibolites are well exposed as lenticular and extensive ovoid-shaped bodies closely associated with basement gneisses and migmatites, semi-pelitic schists and intrusive granites.Expand
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Petrochemistry of the Ilesha amphibolites and Precambrian crustal evolution in the Pan-African domain of SW Nigeria
Abstract Major and trace element characteristics of Proterozoic amphibolites and talc-tremolite schists from the Ilesha area in the Pan-African orogenic domain of SW Nigeria suggest that they areExpand
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Geochemistry of the Ilesha granite gneiss in the basement complex of southwestern Nigeria
Abstract The Ilesha granite gneiss comprises a varied series ranging from porphyroblastic alkali gneiss and granitic gneiss to banded and strongly foliated melanocratic rocks. Deformation is intenseExpand
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Dynamic metamorphism and oxidation of amphibolites of Tegina area, northwest Nigeria
Abstract Amphibolites of the Tegina area are texturally distinct from most other amphibolites from the schist belts of Nigeria. Thin sections and polished sections of samples are characterized byExpand
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