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Slow and fast isoenzymes of myosin coexist in all the fibres of a fast-twitch mammalian muscle during early development. They later become segregated into different populations of fibres. Slow myosin is most abundant when the speed of contraction of the muscle is slow and the fibres are multiply innervated; its synthesis in the majority of the fibres seems(More)
Isozymes of myosin have been localized with respect to individual fibers in differentiating skeletal muscles of the rat and chicken using immunocytochemistry. The myosin light chain pattern has been analyzed in the same muscles by two-dimensional PAGE. In the muscles of both species, the response to antibodies against fast and slow adult myosin is(More)
Immunocytochemical characteristics of myosin have been demonstrated directly in normal and cross-reinnervated skeletal muscle fibers whose physiological properties have been defined. Fibers belonging to individual motor units were identified by the glycogen-depletion method, which permits correlation of cytochemical and physiological data on the same(More)
The effects of neuromuscular block on the pattern of distribution of myosin isozymes in developing skeletal muscle fibers was examined by immunocytochemistry. The homogeneous population of fibers in the anterior latissimus dorsi (ALD) of the 18-day chick embryo was converted by curare to a mosaic of at least two categories of fibers. Normally all fibers in(More)
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