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L-carnitine was studied in forty-four men with stable chronic angina in a multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled crossover trial. A cycloergometer exercise test was performed after a 10-day wash-out with placebo and at the end of each 4-week treatment period with either L-carnitine (1 g twice daily) or placebo. The mean (+/- SD) exercise(More)
99mTc-labeled methoxy-isobutyl-isonitrile (MIBI) allows a simultaneous radionuclide assessment of regional heart function and perfusion. In this study the effectiveness of functional and perfusional images obtained with99mTc-MIBI in the detection of coronary stenoses was compared with that of their combination. We studied 197 patients who underwent coronary(More)
Whereas the numbers of nerve cells in several areas of the cerebral cortex are reported to decrease with aging, the fate of the neurons of the subcortical nuclei is controversial. This work is concerned with a morphometric study of the nerve cell population of the putamen through cell counting in 24 subjects aged 62 to 90 years. Our data suggest that there(More)
A case of hemangiosarcoma of the spleen in a 59-year-old man is presented. The diagnosis was made on the surgical specimen after the patient had undergone emergency splenectomy for spontaneous rupture. In the post-operative course endoperitoneal chemotherapy with dexorubicin was performed. Six months later a liver biopsy showed metastatic tumor. The patient(More)
The accuracy and usefulness of the score classifications most currently in use to assess testicular biopsies for infertility were comparatively evaluated in 40 consecutive specimens of the years 1979-1982. Our results suggested that score methods should be rejected and a comprehensive estimate of the morphological characteristics of the testis should be(More)