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Hypo-magnesaemia in ruminants.
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Enhanced Series and Atomic Models
IN the Bakerian Lecture, “Series Lines in Spark Spectra,” Prof. A. Fowler indicates an explanation on Bohr's theory of enhanced series in which the Rydberg constant is 4N instead of N. It may be ofExpand
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The correlation between molecular and atomic Rydberg levels
Calculations have been made on the energies of the Rydberg states of H2O and H2S using a basis of wave functions of the united atoms (Ne or Ar). There is a large mixing of states induced by theExpand
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An Electromagnetic Problem.
  • A. Conway
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  • 1 December 1908
The electromagnetic problem enunciated by Prof. Comstock in NATURE of November 19 admits of being solved without any reference to the corpuscular nature of electricity and without going beyond the basis of Maxwell's theory. Expand
Spectrum of Cosmic Radiation
TWITH respect to the formula suggested by Dr. A. St. Skapski in NATURE of Sept. 24, p. 472, it is of interest to note that such a formula can be deduced from the classical equations of MaxwellExpand
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[Letters to Editor]
THE objection of Prof. Hicks to the use of Larmor's principle (NATURE, June 27, p. 978) is well founded, but the Zeeman triplet effect can be made to fit into the quantum theory by keeping strictlyExpand