APS Janet Taylor

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The circumstances surrounding a mass killing in New Zealand are described in conjunction with a review of a number of other similar multiple victim homicides. Due to the rare and extreme nature of such events, it is argued that they should be managed as human disasters by the professionals involved and that stress debriefing should be available for all(More)
The factor structure of the WAIS-R has been the subject of much debate and recently researchers have examined multiple independent samples and compared the resulting factor structures using the coefficient of congruence. On the basis of this, one recent study concluded that the WAIS-R had three clear factors. In the present study this conclusion was(More)
A psychometric study was made of stress and coping during the course of the International Biomedical Expedition to Antarctica (IBEA). The stressors were specified by observation, as were the group's behavioral reactions to them, but they produced no significant differences on scales of symptomatology. The repressor/sensitization defensive style of coping(More)
Six cases were mentioned in which the major factor was the pathological fear of developing various forms of mental illness or criminal behaviour that had assailed one or other of their relatives. The pathological fear had the characteristics of a particular phobia, and should be named as such as a preliminary towards psychotherapeutic treatment.
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