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BACKGROUND Flat and depressed colorectal tumours were originally thought to be unique to the Japanese population. Recently there have been reports of flat and depressed lesions in western countries but they have been thought to be uncommon. METHODS In this prospective study, 1000 consecutive patients attending for routine colonoscopy were examined for(More)
Current knowledge of the aetiology of hereditary breast cancer in the four main South African population groups (black, coloured, Indian and white) is limited. Risk assessments in the black, coloured and Indian population groups are challenging because of restricted information regarding the underlying genetic contributions to inherited breast cancer in(More)
UlSTer HoSpITal Combination therapy in essential hypertension: effects on insulin action of adding low dose thiazide to aCe inhibitor Background: Concern exists regarding metabolic effects of antihypertensive agents. often more than one agent is required to meet blood pressure targets. angiotensin converting enzyme (aCe) inhibitors, which are at least(More)
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