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Adult listeners are able to recognize speech even under conditions of severe spectral degradation. To assess the developmental time course of this robust pattern recognition, speech recognition was measured in two groups of children (5-7 and 10-12 years of age) as a function of the degree of spectral resolution. Results were compared to recognition(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether subjective judgments of clarity or intelligibility would be rated equally among conditions in which speech was equated for predicted intelligibility (using the Speech Intelligibility Index, SII) but varied in bandwidth. Twenty listeners with normal hearing rated clarity and intelligibility for(More)
The object of this research is to produce a comparative study of the quantitative methods most commonly used for collocation extraction. These are: T-score, Z-score and Mutual Information. In order to make this comparison, we will take into account the different existing definitions for collocation. We will conclude that depending on the definition we(More)
A generalized simulated annealing algorithm, combined with a suitable smoothing regularization function is used to solve the inverse problem of X-ray spectrum reconstruction from attenuation data. The approach is to set the initial acceptance and visitation temperatures and to standardize the terms of objective function to automate the algorithm to(More)
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