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Thirty-two fixed cadaveric elbow specimens from an elderly population were examined photographically after staining of the articular cartilage. The photographic images of the articular wear areas observed were calibrated and superimposed to determine the overall pattern of articular wear in the elbow. In this group, the radiohumeral compartment showed the(More)
The revision of an orthopaedic procedure can present surgeons with the challenge of a complex reconstructive process. Orthopaedic surgery can also face considerable challenges in cases presenting extensive primary injuries with multiple bone fragmentation, as well as in cases presenting bone deformities. Radiographs are used routinely for orthopaedic(More)
OBJECTIVE To carry out an audit and assess the acceptability of long distance travel to patients on a lengthy surgical waiting list. DESIGN Audit and questionnaire survey. SETTING Military hospital in Wiltshire. PATIENTS 116 Patients on a general surgical waiting list at Leighton Hospital near Crewe. INTERVENTIONS Preselection for medical fitness at(More)
Enchondroma is a common benign cartilaginous tumour which arises from the medullary cavity, most commonly in the phalanges of the hands and feet. Enchondroma involving the carpal bones, however, is rare; only three cases of scaphoid enchondromata and one patient with multiple carpal enchondromata have been reported in the English literature. We report the(More)
Two years have passed since the worst firearms incident in recent British civil history. Most of the casualties were managed at a local district general hospital; this experience was reported soon afterwards. Two casualties were managed at Princess Alexandra's Hospital, RAF Wroughton; both are still under review. This paper describes their injuries,(More)
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