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The article observes the application experience of modern methods of corneal refraction and structure evaluation. Comprehension of computer-assisted videokeratography is high enough to diagnose corneal astigmatism, keratoconus, early-stage corneal dystrophies, and corneal topography changes resulting from a variety of factors. Scanning projecting(More)
Diagnostic value of confocal microscopy in subclinical corneal ectasia is analysed. Morphological changes were revealed in 71.2% of cases with subclinical keratoconus. Results of the study let us reveal typical morphological abnormalities in subclinical keratoconus, although these changes are not specific for this condition. The method is also not(More)
The tasks of economic methods of medical care administration include a rigid mechanism uniting quality and scope of activities with the amount of economic stimulation. This ensures protection of the patients from inadequate medical care. Expertise control commissions are forms of moral and psychological training of medical personnel for work in conditions(More)
In the title compound, [MeC5H4NCONHCH2C6H5]I or C14H15N2O+·I-, a cation and an anion form an ionic pair linked by a strong N-H⋯I hydrogen bond. In the crystal, ionic pairs linked by weak C-H⋯I hydrogen bonds form infinite ribbons along the crystallographic a axis. Polymorphism screening varying crystallization solvents (water, acetone 90%-water, ethanol(More)
The Korpela movement was a millenarian movement which emerged in Northern Sweden in the nineteen-thirties. The article explores the use of historical subject matter about the movement in newspaper journalism, literary writing, and in the branding of Toivo Korpela and the Korpela movement on the World Wide Web in the context of present-day marketing of(More)
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