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There is substantial evidence that the motility of mammalian outer hair cells is generated close to or within the plasma membrane. Several analogies between the outer hair cell cortical lattice and the membrane-related cytoskeleton of erythrocytes have been noted. In erythrocytes a member of the anion exchanger protein family, AE1, also known as Band 3, is(More)
2010. Resistance of olive-tree to Spilocaea oleagina is mediated by the synthesis of phenolic compounds. Int. ABSTRACT To understand the resistance of the olive tree to the leaf-spot disease caused by Spilocaea oleagina, the constitutive and postinfectional synthesis phenolic compounds of the leaves were analyzed by HPLC in 110 genotypes F1 (susceptible(More)
The expression of fimbrin in the developing rat cochlea was analyzed using an immunohistochemical technique with fimbrin antibody. The cochlea displayed temporal and lateral-longitudinal gradients for fimbrin expression during development. Fimbrin immunoreactivity first appeared in the inner hair cell stereocilia of the basal turn on the first gestational(More)
Fetal and postnatal ontogenesis of the rat cochlea, from the 16th gestational day (16DG) until 3 months post partum, were studied using scanning electron microscopy with emphasis on the stereocilia during the earliest stages of development. The epithelium of the cochlear duct in 16DG rat consisted of plygonal cells topped with numerous microvilli and one(More)
The development of Ca-ATPase immunoreactivity in gerbil outer hair cells (OHCs), assayed by immunofluorescence and postembedding immunocytochemistry, is reported here. In the adult, a linear array of label is seen inside the lateral plasma membrane. The ultrastructural distribution of Ca-ATPase near the OHC lateral plasma membrane was examined using(More)
This report describes the ontogenesis of cochlear stereocilia using scanning electron microscopy for analysis of cilia appearance, and fluorescence microscopy of phalloidin, a label for F-actin, to determine the maturation of the cilia framework. Surface and frozen-sectioned preparations of the otic capsule were obtained from several stages of rat pup(More)
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