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Given the increasing life expectancy in the coming years, dental practitioners, as other specialists from different medical fields, will encounter an increasing number of complete edentulous patients. These patients, with a longer active life and higher standards of life quality, will have different expectations for their complete dentures, higher than the(More)
RATIONALE The imaging methods are more and more used in the clinical process of modern dentistry. Once the implant based treatment alternatives are nowadays seen as being the standard of care in edentulous patients, these techniques must be integrated in the complete denture treatment. AIM The study presents some evaluation techniques for the edentulous(More)
INTRODUCTION The relatively frequent systemic comorbidities of geriatric patients can be linked to salivary changes, which may induce oral alteration and discomfort with the removable prosthesis. The aim of the study was to evaluate the salivary parameters in completely edentulous patients treated by removable prosthesis, in relation to their general health(More)
Tooth supported overdenture with ball attachments has a number of advantages in prosthetics, but presents some difficulties as well, which sometimes make impossible the use of these anchoring systems; these difficulties should be well known. In this regard we present a suggestive case. It is the case of a patient, aged 57, who came for treatment, suffering(More)
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