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A control-theoretic perspective on the design of distributed agreement protocols, " Int.tolini, " Model predictive control schemes for consensus in multi-agent systems with single-and double-integrator dynamics, " IEEE Trans. Constructing consensus controllers for networks with identical general linear agents, " in AIAA Stability analysis and decentralized(More)
A set of necessary and sufficient conditions under which a general H 2-optimal control problem has a unique solution is derived. It is shown that the solution for an H 2-optimal control problem, if it exists, is unique if and only if (i) the transfer function from the control input to the controlled output is left invertible, and (ii) the transfer function(More)
The aim of this study was to design a diagnostic model to identify patients with Cheyne-Stokes respiration (CSR-CSA) based on indices of oximetric spectral analysis. A retrospective analysis of oximetric recordings of 213 sleep studies conducted over a one-year period at a Veterans Affairs medical facility was performed. A probabilistic neural network (PNN)(More)
A simple and noniterative procedure for the computation of the exact value of the infimum in the singular H oo-optimisation problem is presented , as a continuation of our earlier work. Our problem formulation is general and we do not place any restrictions in the finite and infinite zero structures of the system, and the direct feed-through terms between(More)
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