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Heat waves, high light intensities and water deficit are becoming important threats in many important viticultural areas worldwide, so the implementation of efficient and cost-effective mitigation strategies is crucial for the production of premium wines while maintaining productivity. In this context, the foliar application of kaolin, a chemically inert(More)
Corrosion due to seawater studies are urgently required for a safe technology development. Some studies demonstrated that the corrosion rates for most alloys could be four times less than surface corrosion rates. A device for continuous electrochemical measuring of corrosion in real time and underwater has been designed. Therefore, this equipment allows(More)
This paper explores the application of Grid computing technology for solving compute-intensive problems in finance. In particular, we propose a high-throughput parallel version of the Monte Carlo algorithm for portfolio VaR simulation, based on a master-worker paradigm, which runs in a Grid environment an obtains a substantial time reduction with regard to(More)
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