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AIMS Pill-induced esophagitis has been recognized in adults, but rarely in children. The aim of this article is to discuss endoscopic features, drugs implicated, prevention and treatment in pill-induced esophagitis in children. PATIENTS AND METHODS Over a period of 4 years, 26 patients presented at our clinic with drug-induced esophageal ulcerations. All(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to asses the prevalence of atrophic gastritis in children. We also wanted to compare the clinical manifestation, endoscopic appearance and the degree of the gastric atrophy in children and to identify the possible causes which determine gastric atrophy. METHODS We evaluated 247 children with chronic gastritis(More)
Partial trisomy 9q represents a rare and heterogeneous group of chromosomal aberrations characterised by various clinical features. Associated clinical features include learning disability and pyloric stenosis. In this paper we present a 5 months old female patient with different dysmorphic features due to excess of genetic material on the long arm of(More)
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