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The harmful effect of oxygen in high concentration on the lung has been recognized for many years. Smith (1899) observed the lethal results following the exposure of experimental animals to oxygen at between 3 and 5 atmospheres pressure over a period of 24 hours. He considered that death resulted from pulmonary inflammation. Karsner (1916) and Binger,(More)
Suction rectal biopsy specimens, from a series of 168 infants and children with constipation and other gastrointestinal problems, were stained with a sensitive acetylcholinesterase method, and the results were compared with routine histology, radiology, anorectal manometry, and the final diagnosis. In all cases of Hirschsprung's disease, there was an(More)
Morphometric analysis of the liver lesions in patients with various forms of cystic disease of the liver in childhood demonstrates that the entities called the congenital, perinatal, and infantile forms of polycystic disease produce the same liver lesion. The data suggest that these entities are actually the same disorder, for which the name infantile(More)