AL Martínez-Hernández

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We have isolated and characterized collagen type VI from murine, canine, and nonhuman primate hearts. In the three species studied, collagen type I was the major collagenous component of the cardiac interstitium (80% of total collagen), whereas collagen type VI represented approximately 5% of total collagen. To define the exact distribution of collagen type(More)
The feasibility of utilizing microwave energy for thermal angioplasty was evaluated in 28 normal New Zealand white rabbits. Angioplasty catheters were inserted via bilateral femoral arteriotomy and balloon angioplasty was performed on the external iliac arteries. There were three variables in the microwave angioplasty procedure: peak temperature, energy(More)
We evaluated the angiographic and histologic response of the coronary vessels of the atherosclerotic rabbit to microwave thermal balloon angioplasty. Sixteen rabbits with atherosclerosis of the external iliac arteries following a high fat diet and endothelial denudation were treated with either CBA or MBA. Four weeks following angioplasty angiography was(More)
The synthesis of nanoparticles silica oxide from rice husk, sugar cane bagasse and coffee husk, by employing vermicompost with annelids (Eisenia foetida) is reported. The product (humus) is calcinated and extracted to recover the crystalline nanoparticles. X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), highresolution transmission electron(More)
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