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An Indian elephant (Elephas maximus) which died of acute fatal myonecrosis was examined to determine the aetiology of the infection. The causative organism was identified as Clostridium perfringens type A. Out of five genes encoding for major toxins (cpa, cpb, etx, iA, and cpe genes) the isolate was found to harbour the cpa gene only, as tested by multiplex(More)
Background An inexpensive prophylactic vaccine offers the best hope to curb the HIV/AIDS epidemic gripping sub-Saharan Africa. Systematic means to guide the design of an effective immunogen for this, and other, infectious diseases are not available. What is required is a method to chart the peaks and valleys of viral fitness as a function of amino acid(More)
The pigmy hog (Sus salvanius) is the smallest and the rarest wild suid in the world. This species is on the verge of extinction and the World Conservation Union has rated it among the most endangered of all mammals. This paper reports the investigation into an outbreak of salmonellosis among captive pigmy hogs at the Research and Breeding Centre of the(More)
Background A recent analysis of mutational patterns within Gag revealed independently evolving groups of residues (termed sectors) whose mutations are collectively coordinated. Of these sectors, sector 3 is the least tolerant of multiple simultaneous mutations and therefore is proposed to be the most vulnerable to a targeted immune attack. We hypothesized(More)
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