AJS Davies

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We have studied rats with chronically implanted subarachnoid catheters. Xylazine, an alpha 2 adrenoceptor agonist, was injected intrathecally and nociceptive thresholds measured at two skin sites: the tail and the neck. Intrathecal xylazine (dose range 24.3-389 nmol) produced increases in electrical thresholds for nociception in the tail without any change(More)
It has been suggested that species with high breathing frequencies have pulmonary stretch receptors which adapt more rapidly than species with low breathing frequencies. This has proved not to be so. Our hypothesis is that this theory is in fact correct if modified so that overall rate of adaptation of afferent vagal activity, i.e. the sum of stretch and(More)
The hypothesis that endogenous cholecystokinin (CCK) reduces the incentive value assigned to food was examined by training undeprived rats to lever press and chain pull, with one action earning food pellets and the other maltodextrin solution. All animals were then food deprived and reexposed to one outcome after an injection of CCK-8 and the other after an(More)
We analysed the breathing pattern of anaesthetised rabbits during unloaded breathing when breathing was accelerated by inspired CO2 and when they breathed against positive or negative pressures before and during block of pulmonary stretch receptors by SO2, and after bilateral vagotomy. Before block moderate steps of inflation or deflation (0.5 kPa) produced(More)
We have measured upper airways resistance from the trachea and from the pharynx to the atmosphere, EMG of genioglossus muscle, and the sound of snoring, in anaesthetized greyhounds breathing spontaneously through the upper airways. Using extra-corporeally produced continuous flow we determined flow/pressure curves for the upper airways in an expiratory(More)
1. A procedure for measuring methane production by rumen contents incubated anaerobically in vitro is described. Assessments of methane production in vivo, in both sheep and cattle, were made by withdrawal of rumen contents and measuring their capacity to produce methane in vitro. 2. Many members of a series of 6-substituted 2,4-bis(More)
A horse with rostral displacement of the palatopharyngeal arch was found to have a bilaterally symmetrical deformity of the laryngeal area. Both left and right cricopharyngeal muscles were absent. The shape of the thyroid cartilage was grossly abnormal and vestiges of the cricothyroid muscles were attached only to the cricoid cartilage. It was suggested(More)
A 12-gauge shotgun, loaded with either a solid 28 g lead slug or buckshot consisting of nine individual lead pellets with a total mass of 28 g, was used to shoot the heads of one dead common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) and five dead long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melaena) varying in length from 2.5 m to 5 m. The dolphin and the smallest pilot whale(More)
The semitendinosus muscle of the sheep was used as an experimental model to test antenatal anticipation of muscle postnatal function using the alkali-stabile myosin ATPase technique. Areas of variable fibre type population density were seen from 80 days of gestation. The highest population density of ATPase-low fibres was observed in the craniomedial aspect(More)
Lance and Taub (1) showed that when radioactively labeled lymphocytes were injected into a syngeneic mouse and the lymph node cells of this animal transferred to a second syngeneic recipient, the proportion of radioactivity found in the lymph node relative to the amount present in the spleen of the secondary recipient had increased markedly. The(More)