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Preparations of catechols from ethyl acetate extracts of cultures of Klebsiellae in a low-iron medium contained iron-chelators whose potency was measured by the reversal of the bacteristasis of Escherichia coli and klebsiellae in unheated horse serum, and of the growth-inhibition of these two organisms by ethylene diamine di-orthohydroxyphenyl acetic acid(More)
The neutralization of the action of a variety of antibiotics on klebsiellae by moderate doses of di- and tri-valent metallic cations, was measured in vitro. Some beta-lactams tested were affected by Mg++ and by Cu++. Of six tetracyclines one was moderately neutralized by Ca++, two by Mg++, three by Cu++, and all, strongly, by Fe+++. Erythromycin was(More)