AJ Kumar

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A solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) formulation to improve the oral delivery of risperidone (RISP), a poorly water-soluble drug, was designed and tested. Initially, lipid-RISP solubility was screened to select the best lipid for SLN preparation. Compritol(®)-based formulations were chosen and their long-term stability was assessed over two years of storage(More)
BACKGROUND Although, odontogenickeratocyst (OKC) and dentigerous cyst (DC) are considered asdevelopmental cysts inflammation has been seen in its connective tissue wall. Inflammation is seen to alter the epithelial lining of both OKC and DC butwhether it plays in altering the behavior of these cysts is not fully understood. AIM The present study is(More)
BACKGROUND The basic premise of preadjusted bracket system is accurate bracket positioning. It is widely recognized that accurate bracket placement is of critical importance in the efficient application of biomechanics and in realizing the full potential of a preadjusted edgewise appliance. AIM The purpose of this study was to design a calibrating system(More)
This study presents a framework for process and product development on a continuous direct compression manufacturing platform. A challenging sustained release formulation with high content of a poorly flowing low density drug was selected. Two HPMC grades were evaluated as matrix former: standard Methocel CR and directly compressible Methocel DC2. The(More)
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