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A major imperative facing the research community is the sharing of high performance computing resources to meet data transfer demands of the distributed research paradigm. In recognition of the needs of high-end computer applications, UKLight, the UK's first national switched circuit optical network, was established in 2004. UKLight provides participating(More)
of the scope, resulting in smoother insertion of the scope into the colon. Preliminary results suggest that the GII metric was successfully validated in 9 human studies to differentiate expertise in manipulating the colonoscope among novices and experts. Work is in progress to validate the metric in a larger human study. Purpose The National Cancer(More)
As computing devices become more varied and complex, it has been shown that it is useful, perhaps even essential, to begin describing elements of human-computer interaction in more abstract terms. Much of the literature has focused on specific cases of interaction involving certain input devices, tasks, and operating system environments. However, it has(More)
Preliminary studies have been made on the use of the modified axial lead system in infancy and childhood. A highly significant correlation between internipple distance and height suggested that internipple distance be used as an index for the selection of a template to facilitate placement of the chest electrodes (Z and X). A series of 4 triangular(More)
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