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The vascular endothelium is the primary site of dysfunction in many diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease. A variety of risk factors, including smoking, hypercholesterolemia, hyperhomocysteinemia, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus, adversely affect endothelial function. Emerging evidence suggests an important role of dietary factors in modulating(More)
This paper will examine a model with many agents, each of whom has a different belief about the dynamics of a risky asset. The agents are Bayesian and so learn about the asset over time. All agents are assumed to have a finite (but random) lifetime. When an agent dies, he passes his wealth (but not his knowledge) onto his heir. As a result, the agents never(More)
This paper examines a heterogeneous beliefs model in which there is a process that is only partially observed by the agents. The economy contains a risky asset producing dividends continuously in time. The dividends are observed by the agents. The dividends are assumed to be a known function of some other unob-served process. The agents use filtering to(More)
Intuition formed through experience enables an expert to solve specific problems more quickly than a novice. In sophisticated group tasks such as product innovation, fragmentation of experience among many individuals and occupations often obstructs the development of shared intuition that could lead to the rapid solution of complex problems. We use methods(More)
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