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BACKGROUND Signaling through protein tyrosine kinases (PTKs) is a major contributor to the transmission of mitogenic stimuli to the interior of the cell and nucleus. The present study was designed to determine the effect of the tyrphostin AG1295, a selective blocker of PDGF-receptor PTK, on the growth of porcine and human smooth muscle cells (SMCs) in(More)
Inaccurate coronal plane realignment is a common problem after high tibial osteotomy. It has been shown that lower limb rotation has an effect on the two-dimensional measurement of lower limb alignment. Although alignment errors are known to occur due to limb rotation, the magnitude of this effect is unknown. Navigation systems allow for the measurements of(More)
Computer-assisted treatments have become increasingly common. Consequently, there is an increased desire for navigation methods with simplified workflow. Anatomic-based pair-point registration is often mentioned as a source of error. Alternatively, the use of preoperatively implanted markers for registration remains complex. The self-acting registration of(More)
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