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We propose that the anterior cingulate cortex is a specialization of neocortex rather than a more primitive stage of cortical evolution. Functions central to intelligent behavior, that is, emotional self-control, focused problem solving, error recognition, and adaptive response to changing conditions, are juxtaposed with the emotions in this structure.(More)
In haplorhine primates (tarsiers, monkeys, apes, and humans), there is a significant correlation between brain weight and maximum life-span when the effect of body size is removed. There is also a significant correlation in haplorhine primates between brain weight and female age at first reproduction. For strepsirhine primates (lorises and lemurs), there(More)
In haplorhine primates, when the effect of body weight is removed, brain weight is correlated with maximum recorded life-span. In this paper we have analyzed the relationships between volumes of specific brain structures and life-span. When the effect of body weight is removed, the volumes of many brain structures are significantly, positively correlated(More)
Hakeem, Mohannad, "Intricate dynamics and hydrodynamic frictional losses of the piston-ring assembly in internal combustion engines" (2012). Wayne State University Dissertations. Paper 374. To my Lord, I can't but thank you and praise you for all the blessings you bestowed upon me, with the greatest one being that of knowledge, as revealed in Your Holy Book(More)
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