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Parents of 5472 children aged 5-17 years from 3209 families were interviewed in a nationwide household survey. In the past year, 15.0% of children had wheezed, 2.2% had more than 12 attacks, and 2.3% had experienced a speech limiting attack. Altogether 4.3% were woken more than once a week by wheezing, 13.1% had doctor diagnosed asthma, and 13.6% had been(More)
Many clinical phenomena have been described in association with antiphospholipid antibodies, which are measured by a variety of techniques. The relationship of each assay is not completely clear, nor is it apparent which assay correlates best with the various clinical conditions. We describe a patient with anticardiolipin antibodies but without lupus(More)
BACKGROUND There are a number of approaches to teaching high-risk clinical skills, such as a large bore chest drain insertion, although effectiveness is limited and realism is only achieved at great expense. Summary of work: In response to a training needs' analysis of practitioners in remote and rural areas in Scotland, training in chest drains was(More)
Department in Antrim experienced a large number of 7-day readmissions, i.e., the number of patients who were discharged from the department and then readmitted from A&E within 7 days of their discharge. Cardiology had the second highest figures within the hospital with 144 of 2780 patients. This number was also high in comparison with national rates, with(More)
People who do not attend for treatment present problems in the efficient running of any service. This is particularly the case with new patients referred to a psychiatric clinic where an hour may be set aside for the initial assessment. High non-attendance rates cause administrative problems and loss of valuable time. The referring doctor may be left with(More)
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