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During a 30-month period, 126 operations for emergency large bowel conditions were performed: 57 were for colonic carcinoma, 26 for acute diverticulitis, 14 for colonic ischaemia, 13 for complications of inflammatory bowel disease, and 16 for other conditions. Sixty-eight patients had peritonitis. One hundred and ten patients (87.3 per cent) underwent(More)
The number of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms (RAAA) was documented over an 8-year-period in a known population age group. Patient figures were collected from the operative and post-mortem registers in the Worthing Health District. The overall mean incidence of RAAA was 13.9/100,000 patient years, although the incidence was noted to increase from 9.2 to(More)
Diabetes mellitus affects most organs in the body. The manifestations of these effects are generally detected by changes in their functions. Retinopathy generally occurs early in the course of diabetes and, even though no other symptoms are present. It may progress to threaten vision. Therefore, because of potential sequelae to visual function that are(More)
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