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Behavioral activation treatments of depression: a meta-analysis.
Activity scheduling is a behavioral treatment of depression in which patients learn to monitor their mood and daily activities, and how to increase the number of pleasant activities and to increaseExpand
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Preventing the onset of depressive disorders: a meta-analytic review of psychological interventions.
OBJECTIVE A growing number of studies have tested the efficacy of preventive interventions in reducing the incidence of depressive disorders. Until now, no meta-analysis has integrated the results ofExpand
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Is guided self-help as effective as face-to-face psychotherapy for depression and anxiety disorders? A systematic review and meta-analysis of comparative outcome studies.
BACKGROUND Although guided self-help for depression and anxiety disorders has been examined in many studies, it is not clear whether it is equally effective as face-to-face treatments.MethodWeExpand
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Psychotherapy for depression in adults: a meta-analysis of comparative outcome studies.
Although the subject has been debated and examined for more than 3 decades, it is still not clear whether all psychotherapies are equally efficacious. The authors conducted 7 meta-analyses (with aExpand
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The effects of psychotherapy for adult depression are overestimated: a meta-analysis of study quality and effect size.
BACKGROUND No meta-analytical study has examined whether the quality of the studies examining psychotherapy for adult depression is associated with the effect sizes found. This study assesses thisExpand
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Computer‐Aided Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders: A Meta‐Analytic Review
Computer‐aided psychotherapy (CP) is said to (1) be as effective as face‐to‐face psychotherapy, while requiring less therapist time, for anxiety disorder sufferers, (2) speed access to care, and (3)Expand
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Internet-administered cognitive behavior therapy for health problems: a systematic review
Cognitive-behavioral interventions are the most extensively researched form of psychological treatment and are increasingly offered through the Internet. Internet-based interventions may saveExpand
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Psychological treatment of social anxiety disorder: a meta-analysis.
BACKGROUND Older meta-analyses of the effects of psychological treatments of social anxiety disorder have found that these treatments have moderate to large effects. However, these earlierExpand
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Psychological treatments of subthreshold depression: a meta‐analytic review
Objective:  Subthreshold depression has a considerable impact on the quality of life and carries a high risk of developing major depressive disorder. Psychological treatments for subthresholdExpand
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Curbing problem drinking with personalized-feedback interventions: a meta-analysis.
CONTEXT The effectiveness of personalized-feedback interventions to reduce problem drinking has been evaluated in several RCTs and systematic reviews. A meta-analysis was performed to examine theExpand
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