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Evaluation of antiparasitic, anticancer, antimicrobial and hypoglycemic properties of organic extracts from Panamanian mangrove plants
Panamanian mangroves are mainly a promising potential source of hypoglycemic compounds, specifically α-glucosidase inhibitors, which highlight the therapeutic virtues of extracts from American mangrove plants. Expand
Salinity responses of inland and coastal neotropical trees species
The results suggest that salinity tolerance among tropical trees is predetermined by habitat association and ultimately by the ability of species to manage toxicity associated to foliar Na + and Cl − . Expand
Seedling responses to salinity of 26 Neotropical tree species
A great degree of variation in salinity tolerance among tropical tree species is revealed and a close relationship between species habitat and the ability to thrive under increasing salt concentration in the soil is demonstrated, with coastal species being better adapted to withstand increased soil salinity than non-costal species. Expand