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In vivo effects of dietary sorghum tannins on rabbit digestive enzymes and mineral absorption
In vivo results show a significant effect for ingested dietary sorghum tannins on their first target i.e. the digestive tract, as well as indicating though crudely (increased corrected liver weight) the possible toxic effect of sorghums tannin. Expand
Size-exclusion high performance liquid chromatography of native trypsinogen, the denatured protein, and partially refolded molecules. Further evidence that non-native disulfide bonds are dominant in
Observations support the suggestion that non-native disulfide bonds are responsible for the many stable conformations that form early in the folding of the mixed disulfides of trypsinogen. Expand
Further evidence for independent folding of domains in serine proteases.
The folding pathway of pancreatic serine proteases was clarified from kinetic studies on the refolding of the glutathione-mixed disulfide derivative of bovine neochymotrypsinogen, and the geometric arrangement of the active site residues was regained and the zymogen could be converted to the active enzyme, namely, alpha-chymotRYpsin. Expand